The Last Architecture describes a mathematical space , a closed universe, that covers all of IT and all of Business Capabilities in a mathematically expressed globe between two poles. The lower pole is the binary algebra with its two elements 0 and 1 and the binary operations. The globe is then spanned on the lower half by the grand unifying theory (GUT ) of IT (GUT-IT ) through the transitively reached solutions of elements and applied operations up to it’s infinite equator. The upper half of the globe closes the mathematical space of the universe of Business and IT. Both halfs of the globe can be precisely specified by well-known standards … bla…bla…bla…

Ups, did I already loose you? Too scientific, too technical, not a language you embrace?

Just ignore the beginning…
let’s try again:

THE LAST ARCHITECTURE is a mathematical space that makes Business and IT a »completed science«
like e.g. Electrodynamics is completed because of the »Maxwell formula« .

I agree that you need the essence of practical application, now or at least asap

Let me at first ask some important questions:

  • Would you hire a physician who does not know E = mc² ?
  • Would you hire an electrical engineer that does not know the »Maxwell formula« ?
  • Would you hire a Business Analyst or IT Architect that does not know THE LAST ARCHITECTURE ?

If you would have found one of the first two wonderful mathematical truths, would you at first make it fully public and give away all of it for free?

This prezi (the one from the homepage) also completely explains visually all about THE LAST ARCHITECTURE:

But I guess it needs more guidance and a personal dialog to really understand it.

Contact me: I will be doing it with you!